My goldfish bowl

REMINDER: Tomorrow is the second Tuesday of April so we’ll continue with the current series of WRITERS AT WORK. The subject is research and how writers and illustrators sometimes go about preparing for their work. Tomorrow it’s my turn. Hope you’ll come by.

Hi everyone,
Other kids keep their goldfish in a bowl.
I don’t know how many of these beauties live in Goose Lake but I’ve seen as many as six or eight together. I suppose they’re coy fish that someone released into the water. I don’t think regular carp come in such vivid colors although we have a lot of gray/silver carp out there too. These are good sized fish and when they swim near the surface their dorsal fins look like small sharks at play.


4 comments on “My goldfish bowl

  1. How I illustrate and write a daily post:
    First, I photograph on site with my iPhone camera.
    Then I edit it.
    Send to my Mac Book Pro with email.
    Edit it in Adobe Photoshop
    Save to desktop in a high resolution file.
    Read Jan Hutchinson’s poetry prompt for April 12, about spinning off a fairytale,
    Compose and lay out page, font, and text.
    Post tags to connect to my other 1000+ poems, media and videos.
    Look forward to my comments from illustrators and poets.
    Heaven on earth!
    Jeanne Poland

    • Heaven on earth and good heavens too! You put a great deal of effort and attention into your posts, Jeanne. No wonder they are so entertaining and original.

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