Writing on my toes

TIP: Renee got us into a big toe fight on Facebook. If you want to join the jamming, come on over. https://www.facebook.com/renee.latulippe/posts/835324223201218?comment_id=835521459848161&offset=0&total_comments=19

Hi everyone,
Not many comments yesterday, which leads me to think I failed toe writing. Now I can live without the poem, but I do love my gorgeous feet!

So here’s the thing. Today it’s your turn to write something inspired by my world class feet and/or the view.

I’m tough. I can take it. Besides, how can you not love what you see?


16 comments on “Writing on my toes

  1. There I was, enjoying the view; loving every minute.
    Then along came David Harrison and put his great big foot in it

  2. There once was a man on my street
    This mantra preferred to repeat:
    “If you’ve gorgeous toes,
    But there’s no one who knows,
    You are soon going down to defeat.”

    ©2015 Jane Yolen all rights (such as they are) reserved

    • Ah-ha! I’m learning how to write toe poems today, Jane. I went down to defeat yesterday but I’m loving today’s menu!

    • And that it was, my friend. I practically live on the patio once the weather permits. This morning a goose is sitting on a neighbor’s gazebo, honking away for all the world to hear, sort of the goose equivalent of social media.

  3. You think that toes are tather odd but they transport us where we trod.
    They help us balance on a wire, on crimson coals they brave the fire.
    On tracks they blaze to win the gold. They pirouette on stages bold.
    They walk and race to find a cure. They test the waters to be sure.
    They can be ugly, yes that true. But love your toes for what they do!

    • Hello, Janie, and welcome!
      I worked my toes to the bone yesterday and today everyone is showing me how this should be done. Thank you for the lesson.

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