Good week on tap

REMINDER: Tomorrow is the third segment of this month’s WRITERS AT WORK and it features Sandy Asher. Be sure to come by!

Hi everyone,

This should be a productive week. On Wednesday I have two meetings that will last two hours at most. Otherwise I’ll be here from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. every day. Hooray!

I owe Willy Wood the titles and descriptions of my keynote and breakout sessions for the Missouri Early Learning conference in November. I also need to get my thoughts together for the Skype appearance during Larry Brimner’s workshop next Tuesday. But other than that I will spend most of the week focusing on the outline, introduction, and samples for a new nonfiction picture book I have in mind and get a few more chapters done on the chap book experiment.

There’s bound to be some poetry in there along the way. But no more toes. Okay, Renee?


5 comments on “Good week on tap

    • Onward and upward to loftier pursuits! I’ll miss my toes, too, but metaphorically rather than metatarsally.

      During a 12-hour day I may spend half of it with pen to paper or fingers to keyboard. Maybe it’s more but I write something like a bee visits a garden in that I don’t stay with one blossom very long before checking on another one. I’m addicted to e-mail and incoming notes on the blog and Facebook so I’m forever taking peek breaks. Yesterday was different from most because I became so hooked on our running punning that I got very little done on other fronts. Somehow, though, my rather constant break-aways seem to work for me. When I come back to the work at hand I feel ready and the words come quickly. When I spend most time on task comes after that when I’m into the revising and rewriting. I can lose myself for hours during the process.

      • That sounds like me! I know I should turn off email and FB when working, but I’m one of those who writes a line and then gets antsy. I’m a little jumping bean, hopping up after every sentence, pacing, etc. It’s not very productive. And I agree about the revising – much easier to stay focused when the thing is already written! 🙂 And, in our defense, the occasional day spent punning is good for the brain. I really had to think and even RESEARCH some of those!

  1. Thank you for sharing the 12hour fermata. Glad that I’m part of your addiction, the sharing part. One of your peeks! Helping to make you ready. After you, Eileen Spinelli sparks my battery!

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