Friends of the Library Book Sale

Hi everyone,

For those of you book, music and movie lovers who are within driving distance of Springfield, be sure you go to the Friends of the Library Book Sale Tuesday-Sunday, April 21-26, at Remington’s, 1655 W. Republic Road.

Tuesday-Friday: 10 a.m.-8 p.m.
Saturday: 10 a.m.-5 p.m. – Half Price Day
Sunday: 1-5 p.m – $1 and $5 Bag Day

Cash or check only; credit cards are not accepted at this time.
Proceeds benefit the ten library branches, programs and the Mobile Library, which was purchased by the Friends for the Library District in spring 2011.

Sandy and I went and I brought home quite a haul. For $26 I purchased FOOTPRINTS ON THE ROOF, by Marilyn Singer; MOON, HAVE YOU MET MY MOTHER?, the collected works of Karla Kuskin; THE BEST POEMS OF THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE, edited by Harold Bloom; MRS. COLE ON AN ONION ROLL, by Kalli Dakos; HEROES AND SHE-ROES, by J. Patrick Lewis; RING OF EARTH, by Jane Yolen; BOW BOW MEOW MEOW, by Douglas Florian; ANIMAL TRACKS, by Charles Ghigna; and an Advance uncorrected proof of XANADU 2, selected and edited by Jane Yolen. I picked up a copy of EDGAR ALLAN POE: A GUIDE FOR READERS YOUNG AND OLD, for which I wrote the foreword, but put it down. Now I wish I’d bought it.

Is that a haul or what? Sandy picked up five CDs for one dollar each so we’re already enjoying those.


9 comments on “Friends of the Library Book Sale

  1. I love library sales. My best haul ever? For $32 I got the entire Springfield, MA Public LIbrary’s anthropology section as they were phasing out their research collections. It included Franz Boaz monographs, African folk tale collections not easy to come by, etc. I have used those books often in making folktale books for young readers, and made back that money several thousandfold!

    • Great story! I’ll probably go back sometime this week. Didn’t have enough time to explore all the treasures.

  2. Over the years, in fleeting bouts of simplification, I’ve culled my bookshelves. Thus, at more than one library sale, I’ve rejoiced to find replacements for those volumes I foolishly gave away.

  3. If I’ve ever culled my shelves, I don’t remember it. Which explains a lot about how my office looks. I have some books in the basement just molding away but still I can’t seem to let them go. It’s a sickness; right?

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