Upcoming chance to learn about Phoresy and the Mycorrhizals !

Hi everyone,

I want to share that Dr. Robert Kipfer is giving a talk this Thursday night, May 7, at Springfield’s Conservation Nature Center at 7:00. He’ll be speaking before the Mycological Society and his title is, “Phoresy and the Mycorrhizals.” It’s free and people with a keen interest in fungi should find the talk enlightening. As Bob says, “There is a whole world of fascinating fungi beneath our feet. We will be talking about the fungi that support the healthy growth of 90% of tree species and insects that farm fungi as their food crop necessary for their survival.”

Bob, a retired gastroenterologist, and his wife, Barb Kipfer, a retired nurse, are Master Naturalists and maintain a highly informative and entertaining blog: http://springfieldmn.blogspot.com . They have been honored many times, this year by the Forestry Service for their work in responsible tree management. Their list of accomplishments is long and varied.

Bob was my doctor but Sandy and I became friends with the Kipfers on a trip up the Amazon in 1999. My poetry collection, SOUNDS OF RAIN, came from that excursion. Recently Sandy and I spent a fascinating afternoon touring the Kipfers’ 400+ acres of woodlands and streams in an ATV. I asked Bob and Barb if they might have an interest in working together on a book. I’m pleased that they agreed. Now all we need is the book, but that’s a story yet to be written.


2 comments on “Upcoming chance to learn about Phoresy and the Mycorrhizals !

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  2. My family would definitely go if we lived there. We love collecting chanterelles, chicken-of-the-woods and other edible mushrooms. We took a workshop with a mycologist at the university in town (he’s also the state mycologist and has horror stories of death by bad mushrooms). I’ll send my older son, a biology major with an interest in ecology, to the Kipfers’ website. Thanks!

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