Goose Lake in the evening

Hi everyone,

Sandy and I are back to eating our evening meals most nights at a table overlooking Goose Lake. This weekend we worked in the yard and finished buying and planting flowers. We have 17 pots of geraniums, petunias, impatiens, caladiums, and hibiscus. Roses are budding and should be blooming this week. The hostas are growing an inch or two a day. Trees are nearly full. They look proud in their new spring clothes.
So here was our reward as we sat beside the water in the fading light. The first picture is a carp pretending to be Jaws or perhaps the Loch Ness Monster. A mother Mallard paid no attention as she escorted her three ducklings on what was probably their maiden voyage across the lake. The kids clustered nose to tail behind mama.

Soon after that a muskrat made its way from stage right to stage left, like a furry little dolphin, appearing at the surface, diving, reappearing. We hadn’t spotted one in more than a year.

The moon came up across the lake,
IMAG2239climbed higher into the darkening night,


and then there was nothing but moon.


6 comments on “Goose Lake in the evening

    • Hi, dear Cory!
      You’re right. The season is just beginning. I look forward to it every year. Today a pair of blue jays are looking for a suitable place to build their nest. I’ve been watching them shop around the yard for the perfect spot.

  1. Nothing but moon!
    And in the daylight:
    gold finches playing on the feeder, families of woodpeckers at the suet, gargantuan bees mating mid-air, doves scouring the seed covers on the deck, and wild fires scorching our forests, engulfing homes…

    • My pleasure, Deborah. I worry that sometimes I talk too much about this place. My passion may not be shared by everyone who drops by now and then. But then, it IS my blog. (:>

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