My Word of the Month poem for May

Hi everyone,

All or Nothing
David L. Harrison

Winged thing astride the wind,
shot at by the rain,
gambling all you got, bucking,
whirling in a timed ride
against Lady Luck.

Might end hard,
with you sprawled upon a roof,
smacked against a windowpane,
ignobly drowned in a muddy pool,
pulverized, seed spilled beneath a car.

Winged thing, let ‘er ride.
All or nothing.
What do you say?
Bet your payload against the house,
throw down your hand with a grand flourish,
see what you got.

Who knows,
you might till your way through lawn litter,
elbow in,
taste the sweet success of earth,
winner take all.


8 comments on “My Word of the Month poem for May

    • Thank you, Jeanne. It was a fun poem to write. I had most of the images in my head for several days before taking it on.

  1. David, who da thought it! The perilous adventures of a “winged thing.” Nostalgia for me. The same winged seeds that were hard to sweep off the soggy sidewalks of Portland, Oregon.

    • They’re all over the place here, too, Gene. Taken as a whole, they’re a nuisance. Taken as an individual, they’re heroic. At least the one in my poem is.

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