David Harrison Elementary School

Hi everyone,
David Harrison Elementary2 282 David Harrison Elementary SchoolDavid Harrison Elementary2 279
Do you have any idea how I love typing the name of that school? On Thursday I attended an assembly at which the Missouri State University In-School Players, under the direction of Michael Frizell, himself a well known, gifted, and professional actor, performed materials selected from my poetry and stories for young people. IMAG2249It was a WOW on a scale of 10.

Sandy attended with me. The kids waved and grinned. Many came up later for hugs and high-fives and hurried whispers. It does not get better than that.

Thank you, Michael. Thank you, In-School Players: Nick Oswalt, Cassidy Flynn, Lyric Arvizu, Zoe Zelonky, Kendrick Hooks, Annie Lewis Lay, Melanie Humphrey, Hannah Katherine Green, and Sarah Rebottaro.

A special thanks to Harrison principal Christine Mendel. Chris, you always make me feel welcome.



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