New book announced

Hi everyone,

If you hear what sounds like an elephant on the roof, it’s only me doing a little victory dance. My next book of poetry has an official pub date. NOW YOU SEE THEM, NOW YOU DON’T is set for February 2, 2016. The publisher is Charlesbridge and my very cool editor is Karen Boss. Giles Laroche has provided sensational art. The subject is creatures that use natural camouflage to hide or hunt.

It has been a while since COWBOYS in 2012 so I’m pleased to have a new trade book soon available. I’ve published poems during this period but they’ve appeared in forty or so anthologies plus professional books. Ninety-six were in the five book series from Shell, LEARNING THROUGH POETRY and this fall sixty more will come out in another Shell title, SOCIAL STUDIES LITERACY.

Back to my dance.


30 comments on “New book announced

    • Thank you, Karen. I would love to show off some of Giles’s artwork but wasn’t sure if it’s okay.

    • Hi, Alicia,
      Many thanks. I agree about the Charlesbridge line. I’m pleased to make my first appearance with them.

  1. HUZZAH + YIPPIEE! & congratulations to Charlesbridge for demonstrating such sterling good sense, a rarity these days!

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