My compliments to the poets

Hi everyone,

As you know, I seldom comment these days in the Adult W.O.M. Poems section. I did for a long time but eventually had to throw in the towel on that activity. I always read and enjoy your work but you wouldn’t have a way to know that.

What began as a simple writing prompt remains, I think, one of the most effective and widely used prompts in blogdom. I long ago lost count of the poets who have posted here or the number of poems they’ve created in response to the Word of the Month challenge. I only know how proud I am of this feature and how grateful for the good spirited participation it generates month after month. Many publishable poems have been seen here first.

At the midpoint of May we’ve seen the work of Jane Yolen, Joy Acey, Helen Kemp Zax, Janet Kay Gallagher, Donna Welch Earnhardt, Linda Boyden, and Deborah Hold Williams posted here plus a contribution by Jeanne Poland that she posted on her own blog. I’m sure we’ll see others in the coming two weeks.

On or about the first day of the month I post the latest word and scramble to remove all the previous month’s poems and comments. Nothing is ever saved. Most months I sit down that first morning and pick a word on the spot. Now and then you provide me with words and I work off that list for a while.

If you know of others who should like the fun of posting poems inspired by a single word, please invite them to join. Our range of experience goes from virtually none to multi-published masters and everyone learns while having a good time.


11 comments on “My compliments to the poets

    • Deed you did! Sorry! I was going through the list under Adult W.O.M. Poems and forgot to include your poem from the regular post! I’ve made the correction. Thanks for catching it.

  1. While I have had poetry published in Babybug and Ladybug magazines, I willingly admit that I am intimidated by the talent here and am afraid to post anything resembling a poem here.

    • Dear Teresa, while I agree that many talented poets have graced us with their work, this spot provides an opportunity to try one’s wings in a safe, supportive community of wordsmiths. Please don’t feel that you don’t have the right to post here. And if you’ve already published in two of the leading children’s magazines, you should be proud of your accomplishments!

      • Thanks, David. 🙂 I am very proud to have been published by the Cricket Magazine Group, but I have to say, having Renee as a critique group partner and not getting into the recent Poetry Friday anthology has brought my confidence level in my poetry to a new low. But it’s okay. I’m learning and still write pretty decent sci-fi. 😉

      • Writers get turned down all the time for all sorts of reasons. Homerun hitters strike out more often than they connect. I always remind myself that I tried, and maybe next time I’ll knock it out of the park.

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