A favorite poem by Marilyn Singer

Hi everyone,

Marilyn SingerFor the past few days I’ve been selecting poems from collections I recently purchased at a Friends of the Library book sale in Springfield. Most of these are out of print now, a sad reminder that even the best books don’t remain in print forever. Today’s feature is a poem by Marilyn Singer. It’s selected from FOOTPRINTS ON THE ROOF, POEMS ABOUT THE EARTH, published in 2002 by Alfred A. Knopf and is metaphoric poem called “Dormant Dragons.”

As many of you know, Marilyn was chosen by National Council for Teachers of English for its 2015 Award for Excellence in Poetry for Children. Thank you, Marilyn, for granting permission to post your work here. I apologize for my inability to space lines on the blog the way they appear in the book. It’s a disservice to the poem but I have no tool to place lines where I might like them. I typed and spaced each line exactly as it appears in the book, and it looks that way on my blog page, until it goes to post, at which time all lines default to flush left. Part of the positive experience of a poem is in how it looks as well as what it says. Alas, you won’t get the full benefit here.

Dormant Dragons
by Marilyn Singer

Volcanoes there are that sleep
the sleep of dragons
With cool heads and hot bellies
they crouch
solid and still
where the earth meets the sky
Till something wakes them
Then furious they breathe fire and smoke
hot spittle and wrath
to burn and choke
whatever lies in their path
leaving in their wake
an odd treasure
of stone sponges and glass
and an occasional lake.

(c) by Marilyn Singer, all rights reserved


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