A favorite poem by Kalli Dakos

Hi everyone,

Kalli DakosContinuing with this series of poems selected from treasures recently purchased at the Friends of the Library book sale in Springfield, Missouri, today’s poem is “YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” and it comes from the book of school poems by Kalli Dakos called MRS. COLE ON AN ONION ROLL, published in 1995 by Scholastic. When I asked Kalli for permission to post her delightful poem here, she said it’s a personal favorite that she often uses when visiting schools or addressing other audiences. I’ll be in St. Louis with Kalli in July for the Poetry Olio at ILA so if you’re going to the conference I hope you’ll come to the event.

by Kalli Dakos

When my teacher said,
“You passed your test,”
I jumped on my desk
And yelled,

Surprised myself,
And my teacher,

(C) by Kalli Dakos, all rights reserved


2 comments on “A favorite poem by Kalli Dakos

  1. oh my gosh, years ago I had the pleasure of seeing one of Kalli Dakos’ splendid, far-out programs. should any of you schools out there have any money at all, get in touch w/ her & have her come visit! that David Harrison’s pretty swell at that sort of thing too…

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