An ornament in a tree

Hi everyone,

We’re blessed with numerous cardinals this year. Yesterday this one had a hackberry tree all to itself for several minutes so it sang its “pretty pretty pretty” song as if it were aware of its earthbound admirer snapping its picture to show his friends. Poem anyone?


4 comments on “An ornament in a tree

  1. Red Royalty
    David L. Harrison

    I’m king of all that I survey,
    I’m pretty, pretty, pretty.
    No more dashing bird than I,
    I’m pretty, pretty, pretty.
    By royal demeanor I convey
    I’m pretty, pretty, pretty.
    Robed in red, enthroned on high
    I’m pretty, pretty, pretty.
    Swear fealty to me today,
    Snap my portrait, have your sigh,
    I’m pretty, pretty, pretty.

  2. Good job, both of you, David & Cheryl! The cardinal’s red really pops in this picture. We have them here, too. I love hearing their call, but they can be elusive to spot, even with their bright feathers.

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