And the word for June is . . .

BULLETIN: Attention folks in the general area of Portland, Oregon. Ben Asher (Sandy’s son) has a new business that might interest you. In addition to being a professional proof reader, Ben is now a residence editor too. What? Well read all about it here: .

Hi everyone,

Cory, have we done BUG yet? I don’t remember doing it before but even if we have I think June is a good month for it. So I say, BUG.


10 comments on “And the word for June is . . .

  1. Thanks for the mention of Ben’s new business, David. As you know from our work together, he’s always been an organized, efficient guy, so this new venture should succeed — but, first, all those disorganized folks in need of his services have to find him . . .

      • We’ve had quite a few cries for help from “here,” wherever “here” happens to be for the distressed party. Now, the trick is gathering cries for help from “there,” meaning Portland, OR.

  2. It feels pretty damned cold, turning away
    From the news of the world on any given day –
    The suffering migrants, warfare in the name
    Of the God of Peace, all the hunger, blood, & blame,
    And don’t get me started on the government!
    Our noble experiment, republican light in the firmament
    That Land o’ Liberty deal, for which so many died,
    Gone corrupt, money-fueled, politicians hamstrung, tied
    Up in knots to win lofty offices, overrated,
    In a governing machine gone toxic & constipated…
    Sometimes I just want peace and someone to hug me.
    Failing that, poor old world, at least don’t bug me
    With all your pain,
    At least till I crank up my spirits again

  3. Bugging Note Left for Mom

    School out,
    June hug.
    Off we go,
    luggage lug.
    Flying kites,
    string tug.
    At the beach
    castles dug.
    Drinking coolade
    from a jug,
    if you prefer,
    please use a mug.
    Dog asleep
    upon a rug.
    But we’re all napping
    cozy, snug.

    Then. . . .
    Something crawly
    not so smally,
    slightly smelly,
    can’t you telly?
    NO! Don’t killy.
    it’s a dilly!
    Give a hug

    ©2015 Jane Yolen all rights reserved

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