From Goose Lake

Hi everyone,

We’re off and running with BUG as our word challenge for June. Got my first mosquito bites last night sitting on the patio and today is supposed to reach the mid 80s so it’s officially time. Let’s see those poems!

Saw something new last night. Sandy and I were headed to eat when a hen turkey crossed the road leading her three small poults. We see lots of wild turkeys around here but I’d never seen babies before. Farther down the road we passed two more hens in tall grass so they might have had little ones with them too.

Goose goslings are plentiful this year. Yesterday we had three adults and a dozen goslings in our front yard for a while. Last week I counted eighteen young ones at the far end of the lake.

I’ve been trying to identify the large fish I’ve spotted lately feeding at the top of the water. They’re two feet or longer with a tail fin that sticks out of the water three or four inches. A smaller fin rises out closer to the head but I’ve never seen the front end. The other night there were eight of them near our shoreline. I think they are catfish, maybe channel cats, that are feeding on insect larvae but at this point I’m not certain.

Onward into the day. Thanks everyone.