Summing up

Hi everyone,

It was a good week here and I hope it was for you too. I know of two exceptions but hopefully there weren’t many others on that list. I had a dental appointment and one brief meeting. Otherwise I was at my desk each day from 6 to 6. Nearly 60 hours of work produced a decent start on a new group of poems so I’m happy about that. And I’m tired.

Today? There will be weeds involved. I got it straight from my M.O.W. so I know it’s true. Maybe I could write a book about all the ways my wife hates weeds. Ergo, so do I! She may also have to work much of the day. If I get a chance to sneak write, please keep it to yourselves.



5 comments on “Summing up

  1. The Weeds Have a Way

    The Weeds have a way
    of sneaking over the borders
    without first stopping at immigration.

    They have no passports, but pass-throughs,
    And cover the ground so quickly
    they cannot be stopped.

    My late father-in-law, who’d no use
    for anyone with a skin darker than his own,
    had this to say about weeds:

    They’re only weeds if you can’t eat them.
    Which leaves dandelions in and roses
    on the roadside, to be culled at will.

    @2015 Jane Yolen all rights reserved

    • Thank you for your learned treatise on weeds, dear Jane! I’ll share this wisdom with Sandy and offer to cut down her roses. That should get me sent to me room.

  2. All this talk about weeds reminded me of a poem I wrote in THE BOY WHO COUNTED STARS, 1994, Boyds Mlls Press.

    by David L. Harrison

    Said Mrs. Towers to Mr. Reeds,
    “Why do you water those wretched weeds?
    Said Mrs. Reeds, “Well don’t you know
    That blue-ribbon weeds need water to grow?
    Said Mrs. Towers to Mr. Reeds,
    “I’ll give you some blue-ribbon flower seeds
    If you’ll promise to pull those weeds and make room
    For lovely blue-ribbon flowers to bloom.”
    Said Mr. Reeds, with a rasping wheeze,
    “Flowers make me sniff and sneeze,
    So I yank them up and throw them out
    To give my weeds more room to sprout.
    And he said with pride, “As you can see,
    No one grows better weeds than me.
    I’ll never waste my time on flowers,”
    Said Mr. Reeds to Mrs. Towers.
    And I’m sure you’ve heard that Mr. Reeds
    Won ten blue ribbons for his champion weeds.

  3. I’d have happily traded you Saturday chores. I would have enjoyed a cooler sun on my neck and back. (Our temp was cooler today, it was only 96 degrees.) I would have enjoyed getting my hands dirty, or I could have worn gloves. Did you see any fat worms in the dark soil? I bet you had one of those spongy kneeling pads for your knees. I cleaned out the storage space under the barbecue grill where a dead packrat was found and it smelled really pissy. Do you have any ideas for getting out the stink?
    I enjoyed your’s and Jane’s weed poems. I am not writing a poem about a stinky dead packrat!

    • No stinky dead packrat poem? Rats. So to speak. Can’t say I’ve ever been in that situation. Around here the usual problem is getting skunk spray off a pet. Never had that happen either but I bet the Internet will have some remedies and they might help with the rat smell too.

      We hit the low 90s on Sunday. I think Saturday topped out at 89. Summertime, baby!

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