Happy Monday from Goose Lake

Hi everyone,

Ready for the week? I always start with high hopes. Spent much of the weekend outside enjoying back to back beautiful days. Here are a few pictures around the yard.



9 comments on “Happy Monday from Goose Lake

    • Alicia, I rarely take my writing pad outside to work. Too many pleasant distractions. I do have a favorite chair by the window where I like to sit when I’m on early drafts. I’m by the window but facing away from it. Sometimes that works for a while. But YES the background inspires me constantly. Little wonder that I carry on about Goose Lake all the time. It’s an essential part of my life.

  1. O! David’s yard is mighty nice
    Howe’er he bitches ’bout the weeding
    Rather than writing books for the reading
    Or typing discourses on those he’s read
    Whilst tippling vodka w/ lime, just a slice,
    For he on honey-dew hath fed,
    And drunk the milk of Paradise.

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