So what do you want to talk about?

Hi everyone,

From past experience I know that summertime beckons even the most dedicated writers to waste their time walking or gardening or camping or taking trips or otherwise blowing off their writing and, much worse, their visits to my blog. This wounds me deeply of course but there you are.

This is when newspapers, magazines, and libraries across the country publish lists of summertime activities to entice faithful readers not to stray. Taking a tip from those sages, I’ve decided to ask you if there are topics I might respond to that would help keep your interest from flagging when you can smell the burgers on the grill from wherever you’ve stashed your computer.

Over the years I’ve talked a lot and attempted to offer content to please a variety of visitors. This, I think, is a good time to start a new list of subjects you’d like to examine. There are so many of you who prop me up blog-wise and keep me going with your comments, banter, and worthwhile contributions. Can you come to my rescue one more time? I need some summer topics!

If I don’t get them, you may find me lined up at the grill.



11 comments on “So what do you want to talk about?

  1. 1. What to do when your books seem to be in a death spiral?
    2. How do you talk to a 14 year old editor?
    3. How do you respond when you hear your editor say on a panel :”If I could find a teen author I’d snap him or her up in a heartbeat!”
    4. What do you say when you overhear an agent (thank goodness not mine) saying that so-and-so (a revered friend of yours) is a dinosaur?
    5. How do you maximize a poetry audience?
    6. How do you get invited to read your poetry/prose at a convention/conference besides waving your hand and calling plaintively: “What about me?”
    7. How do you reinvent yourself and your career?

    If you can’t find something here t natter on about, I will hand in my noodge card and join you at the grill.

    • Whew! Saved from the grill for a while longer! Thank you, Jane. Plenty of good ideas on your list. Much appreciated.

  2. David, you mentioned once about having to keep your log/journal up to date with your publications. I think that’s what you called it. It led me to believe you keep a central record of submissions and publications. I’d like to “see” what that looks like for you. What system do you use to remember where and at what stage things are at? I know it is a small thing, but how does Jane, Sandy, Bard, or your other real poetry friends do it? Do your followers have a system they use?

  3. Today a house fly sat on my deck rail and said hello.
    Please entertain us with some summer bugs. I want kindergarten science on your blog. I’m sure you wrote the poems already.

    • Thank you, Jeanne. I’ll poke around the files. Just finished a manuscript that has some science in it but not for wee ones and for now I’ll not post individual poems on the blog.

  4. I would help you out except
    (David, you know the drill)
    once they ring the bell of summer,
    it’s sangria time by the grill.

    Okay, kidding. I’m alcohol intolerant so I’m sipping lemonade instead of sangria.

    As a relative newbie who has only had poems published in Ladybug and Babybug magazines, I would appreciate hearing about your experience of breaking into the poetry field as well as any info you might have about how to break into the field today (which, as Douglas Florian likes to remind me, is very different from when he started out in the 80s).

    • Hi, Teresa,
      Douglas who? What does HE know? (:>
      Okay, I’ll add this to the list. Once I get these all sorted out, I’ll point to a few posts of the past that have dealt with some of the issues, including the series that Sandy Asher and I have done called WRITERS AT WORK. Thanks again.

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