What does poetry mean to you?

Hi everyone,

I appreciate your contributions to the chats about increasing our poetry reading audience, how we keep records, and turning our thoughts to poems about bugs for the wee set. Next up is none other than J. Patrick Lewis, former United States Children’s Poet Laureate. Here is Pat’s suggestion for a topic to chew on.

Robert Frost said that ‘a poem begins in delight and ends in wisdom.’ My friend John Barr, former President of the Poetry Foundation, said that a children’s poem ‘begins in delight and ends in delight.’ The definitions of poetry are endless, but do you suppose your readers might be interested in weighing in with their own descriptions of poetry or children’s poetry? Who knows? They might just come up with one as simple yet brilliant as William Carlos Williams’s line: ‘If it ain’t a pleasure, it ain’t a poem.’”

So there you have it. How do you define poetry? Do you define poetry for children differently? I’ll leave this up today and tomorrow.