My old friend

Hi everyone,

An Ode to Me
by David L. Harrison
IMAG2161I shiver when the winter flays me bare,
But ahh the joy when leaves renew in spring!
People walking by are prone to stare.
They can’t believe I’ll have another fling.

IMAG2174To compensate, as aging trees will do,
I make up for my dissipating strength
By lightening my limbs with beetle holes.
My friends I offer this advice to you,
Trees with grit will go to any length.
Never underestimate our souls.



13 comments on “My old friend

  1. I love it! How unbelievably uplifting! I’m feeling sprouts and leaves popping out from all over my body. Well, maybe just in my mind. I love this tree, and I love you! Thanks for sharing.

    • Good morning, my friend. I’d attempt a story about this old tree but that rat Silverstein sort of claimed the whole forest with one book.

  2. If that tree ever does give up the ghost — its
    soul — I will weep along with many other of your followers.

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