What a party!

Hi everyone,
David on rock 1 My thanks to everyone who helped make my blog party so much fun. Sandy couldn’t get over all the food and refreshments you brought and how easy it was to clean up later. I loved seeing so many old friends and making new ones. Who knew we’d still be going strong after three days? By my count we had nearly 700 visits and people left more than 200 comments.

The nice thing about a blog party is that in a sense it never ends. Although we’re turning our attention to other matters this week, the party will live on and visitors will continue to pop in to check for messages or leave their own.

As for now, dream on. Write something special this week. Come back to see me often.



8 comments on “What a party!

    • Now just hold on there, Deborah! I’m glad to have reinforcements and your salad looks delicious. Fear not, this party isn’t over as long as good folks keep showing up and/or coming back to check for messages. I promise that your salad was not made in vain!

    • I missed it, too…but having a ball eating leftovers and savoring all the smart comments and ideas! My travel life interferes with my “real” life sometimes…but ketchup tops off to David for such a brilliant idea!

  1. I’m late to the party, too. But, Deborah, I’m more than happy to take some of the Frog-Eye Salad off your hands!

    • Hi Claudia! I’m so glad you made it. So many busy people somehow managing to drop by is a genuine pleasure. I know you’ve been traveling. What’s new with you these days? New books? New plans?

  2. Deborah and Claudia, I just took the liberty of copying and pasting these entries onto yesterday’s blog party. More people will see them there so I hope you don’t mind. Thanks again for coming!

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