An announcement from my M.O.W.

Hi everyone,

My husband is going to take some time off. He’s too cowardly to tell you himself because he’s afraid you’ll be mad at him and never come back again to his blog and he’ll have no friends and spend the rest of his life sniffling in a corner and his writing will turn to twaddle and his publishers will ring the doorbell and announce they’ve come to take back all of his books and little kids will write him hate letters, so I’m telling you for him that he’s going to take two weeks away from the glittering lights of Blogville to goo foff. Yes, that’s what I said — G-O-O F-O-F-F. I swear I don’t think the man could even spell that.

The things I do for him! And he calls me his M.O.W. I think I’ll start calling him my C.O.H. (Cowardly Old Husband).

So there you have it. Sorry it had to come from me but he’s too busy cringing and having his little pity party to tell you himself.

P.S. He’ll post the July Word of the Month and maybe chip in a tidbit now and then. We’ll see how it goes.



27 comments on “An announcement from my M.O.W.

  1. I write an essay once a month on my site, and it feels like it takes all my time. I can’t imagine the horror of writing a daily blog. Maybe it’s time for a reassessment of important things and a new schedule. Slow withdrawal. Once a week, say every Wednesday, then every other Wednesday. Then only on the night of the full moon, if it falls on a Wednesday. Goo Foof. Play. Enjoy.

    • Thanks, Veda. It’s a decision I need to consider one of these days. For now, a little R&R sounds appealing. And guess what? My M.O.W. is denying she even wrote that. I swear!

  2. Veda, you are so right. Blogging, Facebook and other ways we promote ourselves does take away our creative emerges and time with our friends and family. Withdraw can be painful and in the long run create peace and joyful writing.

  3. Veda, you are so insightful and right. And…….it’s true, I didn’t write the above M.O.W. message.


  4. Hi Sandra – Happy to meet you (even if someone you love staged an impersonation.
    A daily blog deadline demands much, especially at the nourishing level of writing David provides.
    Summer breezes sent to you both, for sweet meandering, puttering, gentle discovery, away from social media time.

  5. What does MOW mean anyway?
    I’m so lost……….
    As for this withdrawal, you started showing up on my Facebook page and on my iPhone notifications. So you seem to have converted to potato chips with salt and pepper and what of all the hot tamale photos you post every day?
    I have no idea where you’ll show up tomorrow…. maybe as a virtual spell checker
    who knows how to put the f in goof off on the same line as the goo.

    • Hello, Dear Jeanne. M.O.W. stands for Mean Old Wife. I always have to smile when I type it in case she walks through the room. Like this: (:> Now she’s denying that she wrote a word of the post so it looks more and more as if I did. So off I go goofoffing for a while but I’ll stay in touch. Dona Rice wants pictures of the evidence so I’ll try post a few of those too.

  6. I agree with a comment above: we will all still love you just the same if you only post once or twice a week! Every day is a big commitment. Since I scaled back on my own blogging, I have gotten a lot more stuff done. I only did one post a week, but they were big and took a lot of time. Now I do a couple a month if I get around to it, and I don’t feel guilty. Although I love my blog, I had to evaluate what was best for my own productivity. The blog lost.

    And goo foffiing WINS! 🙂

    • Thank you, Renee, for the sweet note and words of wisdom. Not that I believe for one minute that goo foffing has won in your case, but maybe it’s a goal for sometime in the future when the boys are 50 or so.

  7. Well David…you know what Rhonda Hansome said…A man’s got to do what a man’s got to do. A woman must do what he can’t. Love and hugs to Sandy! And enjoy your time off…you surely deserve it!

    • Hi Dear Heart! Eager to see you and Hank soon. I’ve seen the exchanges today with Sara. Thanks! For some reason, just . . . couldn’t get . . . out . . . of my . . . chair.

  8. I’m just back from a 10-day vacation…staring at an email inbox with 485 emails. May I come and join you? Pretty please???

    • Hi Conni! Listen up, everyone, Conni Medina just arrived from Shell/Teacher Created Materials. Herman, get away from the grill. Give the girl room to find the salmon. Someone pour her some wine!

  9. Geez, David, when I look at the huge amount of work you’ve done, i just get wobbly legged; you must be a tyrannical taskmaster to yourself. You’ve my permission to take a MONTH off. Come to Maui and I’ll show you some of the “historical” sights and sites, Wink, wink. And tell M.O.W to back off; everybody needs a little sniffle in the corner (to get in touch with inner child, and that kind of cr… er… stuff.).

    • Hi, Gene,
      Thanks for your kind words! We love Maui and would like to return sooner or later. I appreciate your willingness to play tour guide.

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