My Word of the Month poem for July

Hi everyone,

Just so you know I’m not goo foffing ALL the time, here’s my goo foffering for July.

Hanging a Picture
by David L. Harrison

(1st voice)
Where do you want it?
(2nd voice)
Hold it up.
(1st voice)
It weights a ton!
(2nd voice)
I’m sorry dear.
(1st voice)
(2nd voice)
Honey that’s just right.
I think it’s perfect, darling.
(1st voice)
Put your finger on this spot.
(2nd voice)
Got it.
I lost it dear.
(1st voice)
I’m going to get a hernia here.
(2nd voice)
Okay this time I think I got it.
(1st voice)
Man oh man I’m glad that’s done!

(2nd voice)
(1st voice)
(2nd voice)
I’m sorry, Hon,
I must have moved my finger some.
It’s off a shade.
(1st voice)
A shade? A shade?
What’s a shade?
(2nd voice)
It’s just a hair.
(1st voice)
A shade? A hair?
Well I don’t care.
I’m out of here!
(2nd voice)
He’s such a bear.


2 comments on “My Word of the Month poem for July

  1. Did you know “shade” is a literary word for a ghost? Now I know it is a synonym for a hare, hair, bear and tinge. Are you going to get this gem on the WOM part of your blog?or will it twitter away and hide?

  2. Summer Prayer.

    Dear Tree,
    Thou art so deciduous!
    Shield me, please, & shade me
    From the sun so hot & hideous!
    Stand between me, bless-ed Tree,
    And that bright & boiling furnace,
    Making me squint and sweat and sway,
    That star, it melteth me in cheery earnest!
    From 93 millions of miles away!
    Making a hell of this summer day…
    But for the heaven of the shade
    Thy cool green leaves hath made.


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