19 comments on “Turtles at last!

    • Oh, Jane, you should have been there. They were glorious! Thank heavens my trusty camera man was with me!

  1. Oh, you tease! You cad! I actually fell for that without my glasses on and I was so excited for you and the new turtles. Then I ZOOMED IN. I am not as forgiving as Jane. Go sit in a corner until I tell you to come out. A HOT corner with no shade. That’ll learn ya.

  2. I’m with Renee! You had me going.too, David, With too much time on your hands, your creative side had to find an outlet. Well done. Now think of a poem about this and write it when your goo foffing is done. I love the photo!

  3. Good work…pointing the way….now, jump in and protect them from predators waiting off shore. I love reading about the dedicated folks who monitor and protect the “nests” until babies hatch. Thanks, David!

    • Thank you, Freda. I’d love to see the real babies climb out of the sand but for now I’ve had fun amusing myself with these ceramic ones.

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