Home from ILA

Hi everyone,

St. Louis was hot and sticky but the ILA conference went off well. Our hotel was eight blocks from the center and I walked both ways each day so I got my exercise and gave my antiperspirant a good workout.

Saw lots of good friends and made new ones. Attendance was around 4,000+, a far cry from the heydays when more than 15,000 usually came, but it’s still the best game around for teachers who want to hear the latest from the mouths and minds of the best in the business. It’s a shame that so many schools have trimmed their travel budgets for teacher professional development, especially at a time when so much emphasis is being placed on teacher accountability. Webinars and technology can only go so far. Sometimes you just have to be there.

Next up is this Thursday night at The Library Center. I’m eager to get with my friends in Byron Biggers Band and RAE to recite, sing, and play my poems and stories. Thank you to everyone who is spreading the word. Much appreciated!!



6 comments on “Home from ILA

    • Hi Ray! I was so sorry that we never had much of a visit but it was good to see you even though briefly. I hope you had a successful time in St. Louis.

  1. Say, it was hot & sticky over here in Independence, on the other side of Show Me territory! But aren’t I glad as can be that you had a far out time in Gateway Town – and isn’t it good to be home?

    • Far out and far back, my dear. Now it’s back to work, after a brief pause hit the lake for a few hours. THEN I might settle down. Or not.

  2. Hot and sticky was the weather for most of the midwest the past week. You just missed the low pressure that swept through bringing in cooler temps for this week. :}

    I’d been following Salina Yoon’s posts about the ILA on Facebook; it still looked really great even though the numbers were much lower than the heydays’.

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