Why do we write?

Hi everyone,
David on rock 1
So here I am again. I obeyed the alarm. Did my toiletries. Shuffled to the kitchen and hit the coffee maker switch. I’m starting another day as a writer. I’ll decide what to work on and settle into the routine. Most of the time I do this without thinking about it, without asking myself why I am a writer.

It’s a valid question though. In my case I’ve been doing this for fifty-six years. Why? Why do artists draw and writers write? How do you answer that question when, from time to time, it bubbles to the surface? Is it a calling? An addiction? A hunger? A need to explore the universe of our minds? What do you think?


15 comments on “Why do we write?

  1. LOVE

    Of the chase to find satisfaction .
    Of the need to feel alive and vibrant
    To feel needed to make the transition
    From precious rest and sleep not because
    you can but because you can’t.
    Goo foffing is good once in a while to recharge
    The mind and let it get traction,
    so like my momma used to say
    get out of bed let’s start the day.

  2. For me, every day at my desk is a new adventure where I learn all kinds of cool things. I love the creativity of writing but also the research process. Writing both fiction and nonfiction gives me different experiences from week to week.

  3. It’s an irritating itch for me (and sometimes, also a chore). I’d rather be baking, knitting or making soaps, honestly. Those things yield tangible results that are tasty or useful…and no rejections!

  4. I read this somewhere, don’t know where, but it’s so absolutely true for me: how do I know what I think till I see what I said?

  5. I don’t know, but I started out writing so I wouldn’t have to depend on someone else writing a story for which I wanted to do the pictures. Also, I can’t sing, dance, or juggle.

    • Wow! When you start eliminating the alternatives, some of us come to writing naturally. I hadn’t thought of it that way, dear Cheryl.

  6. I can sing, dance, and juggle, well maybe not dance, but I write to turn off the buzzing in my brain. If I don’t let the bees out, I swell up and explode.

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