Word of the Month word for August is . . .

Hi everyone,

Who came up with this one? It’s a doozy but I say let’s go with it. Maybe it will help us put a little oomph into our writing during the lazy hot days of August. Ready? The word is OOMPH!

Me smiling.

Let’s do it.



14 comments on “Word of the Month word for August is . . .

  1. A Lot of August

    A lot of sun
    A lot of oomphs,
    A lot of picnics,
    And picnic chomphs.
    A lot of swimming,
    a lot of romphs,
    A lot of lazy,
    And hazy ommphs.

    ©2015 Jane Yolen all rights reserved

  2. Couldn’t believe what I had read,
    OOMPH? You’re kidding! That’s the Word?
    A poem with OOMPH? How absurd!
    Like a pillow smacked up side my head!

    Just about when you think the man is sensible
    This so-called poet unleashes some nut word
    Like a pie in the face from some cuckoo bird!
    Couldn’t he think of a word comprehensible?

    Oh no, he’s probably gone & got drunk
    Else why’d he toss out a stupid prompt
    To a bunch of writers, all of ’em swamped?
    OOMPH is a dumb word. Stink, stank, stunk.

    Okay, fine. Sorry. No offense.
    Here’re some verses from my heart.
    Wouldn’t go so far as to call it art,
    It doesn’t make a lick of sense.

    But that’s how it is w/ ‘poésie moderne,’
    Words strung together, hidden metaphors –
    No lofty twaddle about the tree outdoors
    Just a riff on OOMPH none can discern.

    I could’ve written about a punch, I suppose,
    Right in the gut – OOMPH! Too literal, i know.
    Sigh… that’s the way I always go
    It’s a relief, I reckon, to go back to prose.

  3. wait! I pressed the button too soon! 3rd stanza 3rd line: Or he wanted a break from being swamped? To a bunch of writers, all of ’em swamped? No that’s stupid. How about: Else why’d he toss out this suggestion?/ OOMPH? Really? That’s the question! Nest month, can the word be FART? It blows 🙂 but wouldn’t that be fun? David? Whatcha think?

    • Got the change made, dear heart. As for the “suggestion” for next month, I fear the foulest smelling puns possible would issue forth. I dasn’t dare!

  4. Apparently I dropped a bomb when I submitted the word “oomph”. Every time I type it I want to spell it with an “F”. And I bet you all had brain workout writing those clever quips. Glad you didn’t have to correct your spell-checker! EH?

  5. I blew and blew til
    light in the head.
    My dad wandered by,
    and here’s what he said:

    “Put some oomph in your breath
    and exhale through the thingy.”
    To my utter delight,
    I inflated the dinghy!

    Kinda lame, but oh well…

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