Goo foffing with turtles

Hi everyone,

I don’t know how they got here although I noticed sly smiles on our weekend guests, Sandy’s cousin Leslie Johnson, her husband Johnnie, and their children Caleb, Hannah, and Grace. 20150801_125808_resized

All I know is that somehow they arrived. 20150803_175844_resizedYou can imagine my surprise!20150803_180757_resizedI tried staring them down. 20150803_180701_002_resizedBut they were determined.20150803_180745_resizedI finally had to spell it out for them.20150803_180852_resizedThey got the message.20150803_181721_resized20150803_181807_resized20150803_181843_resizedI hope they make it home. I told them to watch for cars.


16 comments on “Goo foffing with turtles

    • Hello there, Silindile! It’s great to hear from you! I don’t know why these turtles keep following me around. Not fair!

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