A landmark post

Hi everyone,

I’m proud to bring you one of the only known pictures of Potato Man! He’s usually quite retiring and seeks the comfort of dark places.

Now you can tell your children that you saw Potato Man here on David Harrison’s blog. If there was ever a concern about the value of what I do, I hope this removes all doubts!


15 comments on “A landmark post

  1. If I didn’t know what a kind man you were, I would suspect foul play. His arm looks like it’s reaching up from the grave, grasping for help (or perhaps pointing an accusing finger or three.)

    I have to disagree with my friend Heidi and your N.O.W. (I refuse to label her with an M. Maybe I should delete the O. too.) What could be more important to your creative genius than mulling over Potato Man’s plight?

    • YES! I believe that these unexpected glimpses into other lives, be they real or the offspring of our imagination, are what feed us and keep our eyes wide for opportunities. Buffy, thank you for the insight. My N.W. will thank you too!

  2. I forgot to share a poem that speaks to our buddy Spud’s situation:

    “Things are looking up”

    like needles, potatoes and lace-up shoes
    are turning their eyes to the …. skies?

    Perhaps potatoes are content to gaze up
    out of the soil or
    out of the darkness of root cellar or
    cupboard under the sink
    into greenish ground-level daylight.

    Maybe needles push sharply up
    spinning on their points,
    seeking a better view of the unstrung world,
    but something like a loose lash
    keeps getting in the way.

    The shoe has a better chance: looking up
    with eyes so small
    as to be eyelets, laced together
    into a net of eyes. They catch
    blurred glimpses, cuffs and knees.

    When things
    are looking up,
    what do they see?

    ~ Heidi Mordhorst
    Poetry Swap 2012

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