And sometimes you win

BULLETIN: Will any of you be going to see the parade in Springfield tomorrow evening? It’s the first parade as part of the annual Birthplace of Route 66 Festival and will begin at 6:00 coming up St. Louis Street toward Park Central Square. I’ll be riding in a white Mustang convertible so wave if you see me.

Hi everyone,
David as bookends IMAG2753
Yesterday I reported my failure to concentrate the previous day on a poem I was writing for a new collection. I had a small pity party and went back to work.

I’m happy to say that within hours I was back in the groove and the resulting second try was a better poem and will go well with the rest of the group. Sometimes going back to the well for a second effort pays off even more than expected.

So lest ye think I’m singing the blues, nope. I’m a happy man and ready to get back in the wheel today.



5 comments on “And sometimes you win

  1. Amazing what a little break can do, isn’t it? I remember writing some really good stuff during my time in radio, when I’d be writing at work (ssh, don’t tell anyone!)…because I could only write for 15-20 minute at a time, and then I’d have to attend to some important task like recording a client, doing my show, or writing or producing a commercial. So I was constantly forced to take a break from my train of thought – which, admittedly, is not always a good thing – however, each time I sat down to write, I was approaching it with a fresh perspective. That helped a lot!

    • The brain’s a fascinating organ, Matt. I suspect that a lot of the best writing ever accomplished, especially longer work, came down a few lines or paragraphs at a time while the author’s mind was constantly under siege by other pressures. Yet somehow the thread remains unbroken and the story still unfolds.

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