Couple of things

Hi everyone,

Susan Hutchens told me to hit “send” and go out to enjoy Goose Lake. Yesterday afternoon I did just that. The manuscript is now with my editor. Here’s how I spent a few minutes afterward.20150731_191308_resized
I loved it. Nothing like taking a five minute stretch between manuscripts!
Then Robin sent pictures she took of me in the parade.20150814_18200520150814_182018I swear that’s me in the car. I had a sign to prove it. See? 20150814_173053_resized


10 comments on “Couple of things

    • It was pretty snazzy. The gentleman who owned and drove it said he has more than $35,000 in it and drives it in parades all over the country.

  1. honey, you should’ve been wearing, like, a cowboy hat & sitting up on TOP o’ that back seat so the crowd could see you waving & smiling at ’em! you could’ve had those other fellers holding on to your legs so you wouldn’t go flying off!

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