Goose Lake in August

Hi everyone,

This is not my favorite time of year. Too many things are approaching the end of their cycles; too many reminders of what lies ahead — long months when plants are dead or look like it, ice creeps across the water, and I must content myself with brief, bundled-up, visits to our back yard. For those of you who love winter, good for you. I don’t.
But here I am sounding gloomy in August when Goose Lake is alive with drama day and night and our plants are all in full bloom, including another round of roses. Some mornings I catch the reflection of sunrise in the water and it reminds me of how lucky I am each day to be here. To be. And to write about it.


4 comments on “Goose Lake in August

  1. Thanks for the great picture of Goose Lake. I must say it is hard to feel sorry for you when you have such great scenery. You’ll be back in Florida in no time. And are you going to the Texas trade show again? Maybe you should try those tennis shoes with the roller skates built in.

    • Where’s the love, man? I’m trying to have a quiet little pity party here and no one is letting me. Heck, I might as well go outside and enjoy August on Goose Lake.

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