A turtle bon voyage

Hi everyone,

I finally had to resort to tough love. I summoned the fairy of the wind and sent my little visitors on their way.
I’m not sure where they landed but we hope it was Florida.


10 comments on “A turtle bon voyage

  1. Sending Visitors Away

    There comes a moment
    when you have gone walkabout
    in your mind.

    When even the breath
    of beloved visitors
    sours, the hours

    they have overstayed
    become cloudy,
    threaten storms.

    You warn yourself
    not to scream, not to run,
    simply summon

    a changing wind,
    smile, open the door,
    and speed them on their way.

    No shame in it, no blame.
    A bag of leftovers,
    A kiss to each cheek,

    and they praise your name.

    ©2015 Jane Yolen all rights reserved

    • My dear Puns R Us:
      Oooo! And if he keeps repeating the same stories: It’s waning, it’s boring, we’re begging, imploring.

      • Wanna know how he died? The people in who’s house he was schorring killed him. Like this:

        He went to bed with a pillow on his head/ and he never woke up in the morning.

        The police considered it a mercy killing, as in: it was a mercy he couldn’t impose on another family.

      • Well they found him in his bed
        With a pillow on his head,
        His snoring days were over,
        But his ghost went on
        In its box in the lawn
        A’snoring through the clover.

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