Pat Lewis’s book and Sandy Asher’s play

Hi everyone,

First, a reminder about Sandy Asher’s upcoming play, WALKING TOWARD AMERICA, at the United Solo Festival at Theatre Row. Sandy Asher See for info about the festival, the play, ordering tickets to the Saturday, October 17, 4 p.m. performance — and possibilities for the earlier sold-out performances. Please share. For those who want to support, consider boosting Sandy at GoFundMe campaign at

Pat Lewis and Book of Nature Poetry
I’ve now received my advance copy of National Geographic’s BOOK OF NATURE POETRY, edited by J. Patrick Lewis. Here’s the cover and here’s an Amazon link: .
J. Patrick Lewis
The combination of Pat Lewis’s encyclopedic knowledge of poetry coupled with National Geographic’s treasury of stunning photography combine to make this latest partnership a book for everyone of all ages. The contents are arranged into general categories such as In the Sky; In the Sea; Across the Land; In Season. The range of poetic voices represented throughout makes it one of the best anthologies of this scope (192 pages) you’ll find.

Of course if I weren’t in it, I wouldn’t like it nearly as much. But I am so you can’t go wrong.

Comes out October 13. Order as soon as you can. You’ll be happy you did.


5 comments on “Pat Lewis’s book and Sandy Asher’s play

    • Thank you, too, Sandy. I’m eager to see you next month in NYC when my Sandy and I sit in your audience for WALKING TOWARD AMERICA!

    • I do, too, Alicia. They make lovely books that no one ever wants to throw away. I still have decades of the monthly magazines stacked in my garage. Can’t toss ’em. For all I know, it might even be against the law.

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