Webs while you wait

Hi everyone,
Wednesday evening we sat with our friends Jim and Kathleen O’Dell at a table beside Goose Lake, watching the late afternoon slip into dusk and finally to dark. As visibility dwindled I noticed an orb spider dangling from the nearest limb of a hackberry tree about five feet from where we sat. It had thrown out a line of silk that snagged a neighboring tree and was now about to construct a new web.
Before long we could make it out as it climbed swiftly around and around what we knew must be a growing web. Within an hour at most it had come to rest in the center of its new masterpiece. I took pictures during the process but even so we weren’t prepared for just how magnificent the completed web would look when the light illuminated it. I hope you enjoy this little miracle of nature too.


10 comments on “Webs while you wait

  1. What a wonderful experience to watch that happening, even if he/she did drop a couple of stitches at the beginning

    • Our little spider certainly added to the evening’s entertainment, Bryn. I’m struck by how colorful the web looks with light on it.

  2. O, Beauty woven between the trees,
    A snare for supper, our eyes to please.
    Thank you spider, for webs like these!

    • Until the camera flashed I wasn’t sure there was even a web there. She can sure see in the dark better than I can.

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