Laura Purdie Salas’s new book

Hi everyone,
Laura Purdie Salas
Way to go, Laura Purdie Salas! My copy of CATCH YOUR BREATH: WRITING POIGNANT POETRY just arrived and I’m impressed (as always) by any book of Laura’s. This one is directed toward teen girls and provides encouragement and tips to shine a friendly light down the path.
Catch Your Breath
A number of poets have contributed to the cause by modeling a variety of poetic forms. Mine is a found poem, “Just Add Algae.” Pat Lewis chips in a delightful acrostic. Matt Forrest uses a haiku to show us how alliteration works. Teen girls (and a LOT of others) will enjoy the wit and wisdom of Kenn Nesbitt, Marilyn Singer, Nikki Grimes, Lee Bennett Hopkins, Laura herself, and a number of other talented poets.

Thanks for the invitation, Laura. Good luck with your newest title.


10 comments on “Laura Purdie Salas’s new book

    • Jane, it’s a lovely book and should appeal to those girls and young women who aspire to write poetry. It’s a good idea.

  1. Thanks so much, David and everyone who commented, too! Sorry, I’ve been offline for the past week. I am really grateful for your generous donation of your work to this little volume. I think the range of poetry in this book will be so wonderful for young writers (or not-so-young–I love reading writing books for kids!) to explore.

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