Time to revamp my blog?

Hi everyone,

When Whiz-Kid Kathy Temean designed my website and blog in 2009, we worked until both sites met our expectations. We’ve made some adjustments along the way but it has been a while now since we stood back to take a look to see how well they fit today’s reality based on six years of experience. Nothing major, just a snip here and a tuck there ought to do it I think.

For example, I NEVER think to keep my schedule current so I think I might drop that little box and maybe replace it with the background information I just finished compiling. Anyone interested in reading some of that would find it a handy reference.

I’m sure I need to drop or rewrite my letter to principals about the Word of the Month Poetry Challenge section for students. I’m sad that teachers everywhere seem overwhelmed these days and few can carve out the time to work with their kids on writing poetry. We used to get dozens of student poems and now we get none most months and a handful in others from stalwarts like Ken Slesarik. I’m not sure what to tell principals but most of them are former teachers themselves so they understand the problem and are sympathetic to it. I keep hoping that the educational pendulum has reached its amplitude and as its velocity slows there will be more time to add in some of the important elements it lost during its initial rush toward change. Kids need time to read, time to write, time to become familiar with and passionate about the power of our language.

Okay, where was I? Oh. So I’ve asked Kathy to look over the current format and content of my blog. Many of you know my blog about as well as I do so I would be remiss if I didn’t ask for your input.

I’m going to leave this up for a couple of day. I think it’s important.



10 comments on “Time to revamp my blog?

  1. You bring up some good points, David. If you don’t keep up your schedule, then don’t bother keeping the calendar posted. I may get rid of mine, as well. You might want to add a Twitter feed, as I did, so people can know you’re on there and connect with you. A renewed push to get kids to contribute is also not a bad idea, either!

  2. I have noticed that you and I have switched to commenting through Facebook as it is instantaneous and briefer. The comments that come via email are less pertinent for I have already seen them. There are still communiques that require a personal forum rather than the public (although editable) one of Facebook. I think the website is a needed anthology, and offers great archiving for your writing. The Facebook items come and go randomly. My website allows the illustrations and media that I need to express myself as well as put me in touch with an inspiring group of writers and poets.Thank you David and Kathy!

    • Jeanne, I’ve also watched the increasing traffic on Facebook. Many days I get more comments there than on my blog post. The comments on Facebook often spin off in unexpected directions and bring more visitors into the conversations.

      You give me more to think about and I thank you.

  3. Eeek! The most recent thing on my website’s schedule happened back in May. As to kid & teacher participation, that’d be a job for Superman, breaking into jam-packed pressure cooker classrooms. I think Roland Smith has had good luck w/ CONTESTS kids can enter. and you might as a link to Nat’l Novel Writing Month’s Young Authors Program http://ywp.nanowrimo.org and http://www.nonfictionminute.com please? along w/ your estimable nonfiction poetry, the research that goes into it. that’d be a nifty nod in the direction of core curriculum, but that being said, I think your website’s pretty darned stellar!

    • Good evening, dear. Thank you for adding to my list of ideas to ponder. I’ve leaving this post up for another day in case others may also contribute some suggestions I can use.

      • I’ve switched to a web design that works on both computers and smart phones, because most people today are using their smart phone as their primary way to look up people, and other things. I do have a blog, which I seldom pay attention to anymore. FB posts with an automatic re-post to Twitter and to my webpage has worked pretty well, so that if someone is not on FB they can see the FB posts on my webpage and on Twitter. I post on FB everyday, which means that my webpage has new content everyday.

        Cheryl mentioned my contests on FB. I love giving books away, and I have given out hundreds over the years, but as a promotion I don’t think it worked very well, and after several years, I have stopped the monthly contest book giveaway. Most of the time, when I sent a book out to the winner I would hear nothing back from them. Not even a thanks for the free book that I paid for, priority postage, trip to the post office to mail the book, etc. I might still do book giveaways from time to time FB when I have spare books lying around office, but for me I think it’s better to give a free book to a librarian, teacher, or reader who sends me a particularly well constructed, and nice email.

  4. I’m out and about today so I’ll look with appreciation at your thoughts later when I can sit down to ponder and enjoy. Thanks to all.

    • And I thank you, my friend. I appreciate knowing about your own experiences with the giveaways. I’m seeing the same shift for many visitors who prefer FB and Twitter. Much to consider, considering the amount of energy and time involved.

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