The raccoon and the turtle

Hi everyone,

We just had our house painted. There’s a place outside our bedroom under the eaves where raccoons have managed to chew/claw their way into the attic on occasion. I’ve told you about those problems before. They inspired my picture book, A PERFECT HOME FOR A FAMILY.

We have the usual point of entry blocked off with heavy wire screen but even so the raccoons love to gnaw at it until some nights I jump out of bed and run outside yelling and flashing lights until I manage to interrupt the break-in.

When our painter was working on that spot, he discovered something that one would never expect to find at roof level: a turtle. A very dead and mummified turtle. Wedged under the screen where a raccoon of the past left it. These are strong animals with great dexterity and cunning. But dragging a good sized turtle up a vertical wall for a midnight snack? Whoa! I’m going to start sending Sandy out to scare them away.

10 comments on “The raccoon and the turtle

  1. The raccoons are coming,
    Run for your life,
    The raccoons are coming,
    Throw them your wife,

    They can climb sheer walls,
    And barbed wire hurtle,
    Just look what they did
    To that mummified turtle!

    The raccoons are coming,
    Give up the ghost,
    They’ll come in your kitchen
    Steal butter and toast,

    There’s nothing more for it,
    Just sink in despair.
    They raccoons are coming–
    No matter–they’re here!


    • Sob! The poor turtle was tossed in the lake before I learned of the story. Sadly, all I can do is report what was told to me. Rats and dead turtles!!

  2. On Long Island, the voles used to walk up my twitching body in bed, heading who knew where. I moved to a brand new townhouse in the mountains. Last week was awakened by scratching in the wall next to my bed, a wall shared by the town house built joined to mine. Was not squirrels, feral felines, raccoons, woodchucks, or possums. All of these tried living with me in the past. At least I don’t have snakes and tarantulas, like Joy Acey. Heard the raccoons in Canada are even more militant than your Mo Crew.

    • You are a true varmint whisperer, Jeanne. If the scratching in the wall goes on for two or three nights and then quits, an unpleasant odor may follow. At least that’s how it worked at one of our houses when mice would fall down behind the sheetrock and become trapped. Good luck!

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