My Word of the Month poem for September

Hi everyone,

Here’s my poem inspired by SALE.

By David L. Harrison

Rows on rows
of strappy heels
and open toes.

Boxes stacked,
more coming,
more unpacked.

Bins with dumps
of flip-flops, wedges,
sneakers, pumps,

Flats, thigh-highs,
lace-ups, loafers,
every size.

Oxford, suede,
every fabric,
every shade.

Half off sale
and half of half —
the holy grail.


16 comments on “My Word of the Month poem for September

  1. Well done, Sole Man! See what you think of this:

    Dear Editor

    A lively plot,
    A fine idea
    I’ve surely got.
    Story for sale.

    A tale of desire,
    Greed, love, sorrow,
    And cities on fire!
    Story for sale.

    A quest for glory,
    Vanquished hopes
    Are there in my story,
    My story for sale.

    Handsome and true
    Is my character,
    As noble as sky is blue.
    Story for sale.

    You cannot fail
    To read & desire
    My heroic tale,
    My story for sale.

    If only you could
    Read & answer
    If only you would…
    Story for sale.

    It’s meant so much
    This book of mine
    Never was such
    A story for sale.

    • Oh my goodness, dear Cheryl. Have you put your finger on it or what! “It’s meant so much/This book of mine/Never was such/A story for sale.” Yessss!

  2. Okay my darlings all: to please Susan’s daughters, the thongs have disappeared from the table; and as Joy pointed out, I don’t know my wedges from my wedges. You know what they say. “It takes a village to write a poem.”

  3. LOL!!! Becky and Rachel will be pleased, now…and not tease us both for using the word “thong” for our feet! Ha!

    I’ve had some time to myself this afternoon (woo hoo!) and took a stab at the word of the month myself! Here you go:

    I Should Have a Sale!

    I’ve been sorting through this stuff of mine
    I really must have a sale!
    But I’m finding each piece of useless junk
    Has a special tale to tell.

    Several dog-eared copies of childhood books
    (I might need them again someday!)
    Faded tops and dresses from long ago
    Bring smiles of a certain day.

    Creations from my own two girls
    Stuck together with tape and glue.
    Letters from my dear, sweet Dan
    (that man could really woo!)

    A shabby rag doll, an antique vase
    Will be useless to all but me.
    Perhaps the sale will have to wait
    There is no “junk” I see!

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