Goose Lake critter report

BULLETIN: Greg Brock posted on Facebook today the original cast of SOMEBODY CATCH MY HOMEWORK, the play Sandy Asher wrote inspired by my poetry. Thanks Greg! For anyone interested, here’s a link to when the play came out in 2004.

Hi everyone,

In the past seventy-two hours I’ve been entertained by our wild neighbors all around us. I snapped this shot through my car window of nine turkeys half a block from our house. 20150909_140350_resized Throw in a pair of does, a crow chasing an owl ten feet over my head, and another crow that landed in one of our trees and made low, sad noises that sounded like mourning or some other kind of distress.
Just at dusk one evening I spotted a slender dark object in the water just off our yard. I walked down the steps for a closer look, phone camera in hand. The object suddenly came alive, turned my way and made a splashing lunge right to the water’s edge at my feet before twisting back into deeper water and disappearing. It was one of those enormous fish at least three feet long that I think is some kind of carp. We counted nine of them one evening not long ago. I missed the close-up shot and was left standing in the twilight staring into dark water and wishing I could see below that surface.20150909_194315_resized

If I go on at times about Goose Lake, it’s because such encounters feed me. They always have. For as long as I can recall I have thrilled to the sounds and sights of members of other worlds that whirl about us in their own orbits which, now and then, intersect with ours. Especially if we listen and look. If anything informs my thinking and subsequently my writing, this is it. I can’t match the bears and mountain lions I’ve seen posted lately, but I’m plenty happy here in southwest Missouri.


16 comments on “Goose Lake critter report

  1. These are gorgeous pictures my brother, photography is definitely one of your things and I for one love your Goose Lake posts.. This is an interesting article, I like how you point out the fact that the beauty around us is breathtaking.. What I loved doing was going to a deserted part of the beach at sunset, sit there and just watch nature at its best. Now when I’m able I sit and watch the sky

    • Hooray! Silindile is back! Thanks for joining in today and sharing your own love for nature. Here’s to many future sunrises and sunsets.

  2. There is an extended family of about 3 turkey hens and their 17 or so poults that meander through our yard all the time. They’re adorable. Honestly, I’ll take coyotes, and red foxes to mountain lions and bears in terms of having carnivores/omnivores on our land. I adore bears and mountain lions, but from a distance…a distance of, say, 1000 miles or so.

  3. You are a lucky man to live at Goose Lake. My husband and I lived on a lake outside KC before we moved to Colorado. It was heaven, just as you describe, David. There is something very special about being near water! Keep sharing!

  4. I love your reports of Goose Lake! This one made me go back and re-read your e-book, Goose Lake, A Year In The Life of A Lake…I love that book!

    • Cheryl, I enjoyed reading the article you provided about Stillmeadow. I think I would have liked Gladys Taber. We’ve lived here for twenty-six years. Maybe I should do more with all this material. It’s tempting.

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