A fine festival

Hi everyone,

It was a pleasure to participate in The Santa Fe Trail Literature Festival in Sterling, Kansas on the beautiful campus of Sterling College. None other than Cheryl Harness was the other speaker and my dear M.O.W. went with me. Cheryl signed books on Wednesday afternoon. We went to eat with our great friend Merrillyn Kloefkorn that evening, and on Thursday Cheryl and I each gave three presentations of an hour per session. There were 1,500 students there, grades 1-8, so we each saw a lot of young people.

I was impressed by how smoothly the conference was run by Terri Gaeddert, Professor and Chair of Education and Associate Dean of Sterling College, and her very able team of faculty and students. It all ran on time and the way it was supposed to go. Bravo all around!

I think I’m going to receive some pictures of the event so maybe I can post one or two when they arrive.

Next week it’s New York, but more about that later.


2 comments on “A fine festival

  1. That festival. Talking w/ all of those fizzy little Kansans. Meeting up w/ genial brilliant David H, m’dear & your swellegant missus & Merrillynn K. & the sterling personnel at Sterling: Well worth that long, long drive over the prairies out to pretty little Sterling, Kansas (then back again, feeling EVER so grateful for 1. my little internal combustion engine + 2. AC + 3. paved highways – O, Pioneers, me heart bleeds for you & no wonder you’re all dead now. sigh…) Aren’t we grateful, dear David, for getting to have such an adventure? And to be home again?

    • Couldn’t say it better, or even approximate it, dear heart, but I certainly agree with you about the conference and prairies and the high adventure and sweet companions.

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