Last hurrah of summer

Hi everyone,
The nights are turning cooler and many leaves have begun to lose interest. Several trees on both sides of the lake are blemished by tent caterpillar webs like teenagers suffering from acne. Yet the orb spiders soldier on and manage to eke out a living from the small winged things that blunder into their sticky art strung in strategic flight pathways.
What strikes me is how the blooming plants respond to these middling temperatures and gloomy days when the sun couldn’t care less. Rather than give up they are holding a resistance party and seem determined to prove that they are nowhere near ready to surrender to the coming season.20150920_112642_resized
Maybe fall officially takes over the place on Wednesday but don’t try to tell that to the plants. If they know, they’re not talking about it the way the geese are. Last night some of those gabby creatures were holding a conversation on the water that carried all over the neighborhood. They reminded me of those rude people who yell into their cell phones so that everyone within twenty feet has to listen to their personal prattle.20150920_113444_resized When I was in college I loved everything to do with animals but plants bored me. Give me a fruit fly or slug any day over things with roots. At the end of graduate school when I learned in a panic that my writtens would cover both zoology and botany, I had to cram by reading whole textbooks about plants the week before the test. 20150920_112642_resized Ironic that I now appreciate the beauty and resilience of these sturdy living things in my back yard and find myself taking their portraits again and again.


5 comments on “Last hurrah of summer

    • Our neighbor’s walnut tree hangs out over our driveway and drops nuts that we drive over this time of year. When I took out the trash can this morning I looked up at all those caterpillars above my head and was grateful they weren’t birds.

  1. A charming piece.
    Here in AZ, the geraniums are just beginning to bloom! So different from my entire life spent on the east coast when geraniums went in the ground after Mothers Day b’c theyd freeze if put out earlier. About bugs? Hmmm.

    • Hello, Pat dearest! Glad to hear from you from way out west. Are you wearing buckskins and boots these days? Send a picture!

  2. Your plants are just splendid! Climatologically, it’s already autumn; Wednesday’s heralding of fall is the astronomical one. I don’t think your plants care about either starts. Only Jack Frost can convince them. 🙂

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