Back in the wheel

Hi everyone,

New York was as New York as ever. We checked into our room at the Marriott at noon on Wednesday and by 2:00 we’d already bought tickets, caught a taxi, and made it to the matinee performance of THE KING AND I at the Lincoln Center, two minutes before curtain. As many times as we’ve seen the play, we were delighted with this latest production. That set the pace for what was to come.

Thursday I had productive visits with several editors and came away, as I always do, with good ideas and updated insights into the current market. That night we saw FUN HOME, a beautifully written and performed drama that keeps you teetering between laughing and swallowing hard.

The Pope was in town, United Nations was in session, enormous numbers of NYC’s 34,500 uniformed policemen plus plainclothesmen and suit after suit of secret service were very much in evidence. Streets were blocked off for blocks.20150925_175050_resized Pedestrians often had to walk far our of their way to reach their destinations. We took the subway more than usual. It was often the only way to get around. Here’s a glimpse of the pope in the middle in the back seat. His cavalcade came by us while we were walking along the side of Central Park.
We strolled through the Sculpture Garden at the MoMA and loved the Frick Museum. What an incredible collection! One of the highlights was riding an elevator up 1,250 feet to the observation decks around the One World Trade Center. Here’s what it looks like from the ground up.20150926_111043_001_resized And here’s what it looks like from the top of that incredible building.20150926_104018_resized The tall building with the spire is the Empire State Building.20150926_101815_resized20150926_105030_resized

On Saturday came another great experience when we sat in the audience (along with Mary Downing Hahn!) for Sandy Asher’s play, WALKING TOWARD AMERICA, beautifully performed by Annie Meek Montgomery playing all roles in the telling of Ilga Vise’s long, horrific walk from her war-torn Latvia to eventual safety and the life that awaited her in the United States. Naturally all that walking tends to dehydrate you and if there’s one thing NYC does well, it’s cater to the needs of those in such peril. 20150925_194711_resized And on that liquid note, I conclude my catch-up report. I’m back!


14 comments on “Back in the wheel

    • Jane, this explains so much! I thought the streets were blocked off for the Pope! And to think I could have bought you that promised dinner! XO

    • It was a good trip! My M.O.W. sleeps with the whip at hand in case I try to loaf for a few minutes while she’s looking up an address.

    • Hi, Charles. My M.O.W. works me like a dog. It would be good to see you next time we’re in town. Thanks for reminding me!

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