Getting my bearings

Hi everyone,

Today is the first day of writing a new book. I have the subject in mind. So far so good. Now all I need is everything else. Piece of cake.

I’ll begin by reading and making lists, same as always. The more I read, the more notes, the longer the lists, the closer I’ll get to figuring out how to approach my subject. At this point patience is the key. And confidence that the system really works.
David on rock 5
How do I feel? Excited. Like I’m getting ready for a trip. I don’t know where I’m going yet so it’s hard to know how to pack, but that will soon be made clear. And who doesn’t like to set out on a new adventure?

Wishing you good adventures too.



10 comments on “Getting my bearings

  1. I am going to share this post with my 6th graders today. This lines up perfectly with what we’ve been doing at the beginning of the year in Writer’s Workshop!

  2. This is exciting news, how did I miss this on facebook? Maybe coz I mostly go there to joke around….. Well, as someone who has had the pleasure of reading some of your work, I know you’re gonna produce a masterpiece

    • Good morning, dear heart. Thank you for the good wishes. One never knows where new projects will lead but for me it’s always an exciting time. Hope you’re doing okay. XO

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