At last, a turtle that behaves itself.

Hi everyone,

It took patience but I finally trained the turtles to go back to the lake.20151003_130628_resized Grilled brats last night as the wind chimes sang in the chilly breeze. It was just cool enough to slow things down. The fly beside me was reduced to walking along the brick wall. 20151004_172644_resized Above my head a pair of blue jays raised a ruckus for a while. Who knows what about. Then flew. To turn on my grill I had to persuade a mother spider protecting her egg sac that I meant no harm.20151004_181900_resized Earlier in the day I stopped my car and took pictures of the wild turkeys that have become so much at home around here. 20150930_154210_resized_1 A quiet day at peace around Goose Lake.

8 comments on “At last, a turtle that behaves itself.

  1. O, spider, hold your armaments,
    I mean no harm to you.
    There’s only a small fire
    I will light for barbecue.

    Do not advance to bite me.
    I am no awful sinner.
    Your babies in the their sac will not
    Be harmed by my small dinner.

    My barbeque is waiting.
    I will not be here long,.
    A little bit of heat will only
    Make your babies strong.

    ©2015 Jane Yolen all rights reserved

  2. My point exactly! It was so cold the flies were walking. She wasn’t going to have dinner anyway so she might at least get warm. Thanks for putting the perspective so poetically, Jane! XO

    • I love a good hotdog too. I wouldn’t want brats on a regular basis but now and then they’re a treat, assuming we can find good ones and I don’t screw them up on the grill.

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