What did the robin think?

Hi everyone,

Two days ago a flock of migrating robins passed through. For an hour or two dozens of them flitted from tree to tree trying to decide which way to go from here.

I was watching the birds out the window when one slammed into the house and stunned itself. For a few minutes it sprawled open-winged on the patio. I thought it might have broken its neck. After a while it managed to right itself and sit there looking around glassy-eyed, taking quick, shallow breaths.

Five minutes later it rejoined the flock and they were all soon gone.

So here’s my question. What was that robin thinking from the time it brained itself against the glass until it flapped its wings and darted away? Here are three possibilities. You’ll probably think of others.

1. That’s it. No more texting and flying.
2. Swell. I’m two years old. They’ll probably jerk my license.
3. Oh man, flying and checking out those red breasts is for the birds!



12 comments on “What did the robin think?

  1. What The Robin Who Hit the Window Thinks

    Who knew air could be so hard,
    like ice upon a pond.
    Who knew that string could not be chewed
    like worms of whom I’m fond.

    Who knew that roofs on which I perch
    shield humans from the rain.
    I guess that I have just a small,
    un-notable bird brain.

    But I can rise in early dawn
    and with the chorus sing.
    So even my small life can understand
    a wondrous thing.

    ©2015 Jane Yolen all rights reserved

  2. I have had at least 20 goldfinch bash into the glass double doors on the deck the last 3 days. I think they’re warning me to take action vs carbon monoxide as President Obama said when he visited Alaska. Do the birds see the end of human civilization?
    Are they using imagination to combat despair?

  3. I taught I saw a puty cat, I swear he was after me.
    But then I seen my big brudder staring out of that that spot to save me.
    Dat cat musta got my brudder, how close a call is dat.
    After I woke up my brudder was gone, I must have whipped dat cat cause he was gone to how cool is that.

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