Life poetically speaking

Hi everyone,

Here’s a quick summary of how poetry mirrors life.

Monostich — one-line verse:
single person waiting to get on with writing the rest of his/her poem.

Couplet — two-line verse:
couple joined by similar sounding goals, often for poetic reasons.

Triplet — three-line verse:
baby comes, expands the couplet, complicates the rhythm.

Quatrain — four-line verse:
second child, family adds more stanzas to explain.

Quintain — five-line verse:
first child marries, brings home mate, sets up a roundelay.

Hexastich — six-line verse:
second child marries, more to love, calls for a ballad or better job.

Heptastich — seven-line verse:
first grandchild, revision can be such a joyous thing.

Octave — eight-line verse:
mother-in-law comes to live, throws off meter, nothing rhymes.

From this point forward, no known verse applies.
Free verse is the only way to describe the situation.

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