All I have to do is write three talks

Hi everyone,

I’m working on two presentations and a luncheon talk for next month at Tan-Tar-A during the Missouri Early Learning Conference. One presentation is for teachers of PreK-1 kids and the other is for grades 2-3. Each is slated for one hour and fifteen minutes. I’d hate to try holding a 4-year-old’s attention for seventy-five minutes but hopefully I can do better with the teachers. Here are the requested program descriptions that I supplied sometime back. Now all I need to do is write the talks!

Breakout Session #1 Title (PreK-1) 9:30-10:45
Getting Them Ready

Writers don’t become writers until they’re ready. We’ll talk about five important conditions that prepare young people to become writers. There are reasons why poetry makes a good teaching tool for pre- and emerging readers. Poems rely on the cadence, sounds, and rhythms of language, just as children do as they become more aware of and in control of the words they see on paper. Most poems are brief, the lines are short, and they’re humorous. I will demonstrate how you can start with the basic sounds of the English language – long vowels, short vowels, rimes, consonants, consonant blends, and digraphs – and create playful poems with your kids that will reinforce what they are learning and make it more fun. Focus is on PreK-1.

David at David Harrison Day

Author Luncheon Title:
I Practice Writing

My doctor practices medicine. My lawyer practices law. I practice writing. I’ve been practicing for 56 years. Some days I think I’ve learned something from all that practice. Other days I’m not so sure. Let me tell you, so you can tell your students, what it’s like to be a writer, to get up each day and face a blank sheet of paper and not give up. Every story has a story about what set me off on the long journey that turns an idea into a book. I promise you plenty to share with your kids. Please join me. I practice giving talks too.

Breakout Session #2 Title: (Grades 2-3) 2:30-3:45
The More They Write, the More They Write

When writing seems fun, fun writing happens. During this interactive session we identify seven methods that capture young writers’ interest. Speaking from experience, the author demonstrates how each strategy works as he leads attendees through easy exercises they can take straight to the classroom. Good research makes good writing so emphasis is placed on how to get ready to write. Attendees will have time to brainstorm and share successful ideas from their own classrooms. Be prepared to release your inner poet, share read-aloud partner poems, and leave with handouts that summarize the session. Focus is on grades 2-3.

4 comments on “All I have to do is write three talks

  1. David, as a retired teacher, who has been to many conferences, I wish I was attending this one! I am sure it will be a great experience for the teachers and for you also. If anything, you will get a lot of ideas for your future work.

    • Thank you, and you are quite right. These conference talks always make me think again about what I’m doing and in what ways I can be helpful to classroom teachers and their kids.

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