Report on the chap book

Hi everyone,

Remember early this year when I set out to write my first chap book? I got through it and promised to keep you in the loop. Several weeks ago I sent it on its maiden voyage to two editors. I now have their comments.

One said she liked the setting and I’ve woven in a lot of wonderful aspects of the culture that would fascinate kids. The BUT is that she found the story too literary.

The second BUT came at the end of a note that said the story is super interesting, but it feels very quiet.

I suspect that they both said the same thing. Two BUTs don’t make a wrong, and I’ll send out again, but for now that’s the news from Goose Lake.

7 comments on “Report on the chap book

  1. Hi David. I was just curious about a “chap book” for kids. What differentiates that from a poetry collection? Is it aimed at an older audience? Good luck with future subs!

    • Hi Bj. This is a story that runs 23,000 words and 59 manuscript pages. One of these days I hope it rhymes with sales. (:>

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