My favorite vampire

Hi everyone,

Here’s the link to the lovely Renee LaTulippe’s site at No Water River. She finally took off her makeup so we can see her in her natural state: a vampire. Or is that vampirette? Either way, she’s bloody delicious.

If you care to take a look, she explains all in her post and even includes a shot of her 5-year-old twins casting rather anxious looks our way. Playing with Renee is always a treat. What a talented lady!


8 comments on “My favorite vampire

    • Good morning, Iza, and thank you for watching our Halloween fun. So glad you liked it and hope you’ll pass it on, especially to friends with children.

  1. Jeanne Poland
    1 min ago

    You should see the video on my large screen i Mac with its great sound system! Renee, your enunciation was superb and David your synchronization with Renee’s pace was perfect! Loved the facial expressions while both of you listened to the other recite. The continuity was startling since you were on two continents.
    This participation is a classic. Hope it goes viral!

    • Thank you, Jeanne! I must say that Renee is quite a gifted actress. I loved watching her work. So glad you like the results. Viral would be lovely.

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